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  The company mainly produces two series of products。Washing machinery series include of all kinds of automatic washing、Industrial washing machine、Dewatering machine、The dryer、The ironing machine、Folding machine、Dry cleaners、Sand washing machine、The anti-pilling machine、Dyeing machine、Washing and dyeing machines、Knead leather grain machine and clothing post-processing equipment and so on。Diesel generator set series including8-2500KW,All kinds of brand series specifications of diesel generator set,Cummins series,On the wood135Series,JiChai190Series,Volvo series and so on ordinary units,Silent power station,Trailer power station,Mobile power station,Products are widely applied in the hotel、The hotel、The hospital、The school、Railway、Airport and other enterprises and institutions。
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Shandong zaozhuang weina garments co., LTD
Zhejiang shengzhou city nahuy knitting clothing co., LTD
Changzhou bao immediately pack co., LTD
Yancheng strong textile clothing co., LTD
Jiangxi jiujiang China invertors garment co., LTD
Xijiang garment finishing co., LTD
Zibo qing-hai gao jie dress co., LTD
Yangzhou armed police hospital
Taizhou city hospital
Jiaohe people's hospital
Times times county people's hospital
DouYun city in guizhou province414The hospital
Dongtai people's hospital
Longzhou county people's hospital
ZhongWei County hospital
Nanjing university of science and technology
Wuxi reeducation-through-labor centers
People with experimental middle school
Wuxi jiangnan university
Zhuji city sino warp co., LTD
Inner Mongolia high textile co., LTD
Jiangsu art di microfiber leather industry co., LTD
Zhejiang yiwu blue sky printing and dyeing co., LTD
Jiangsu art di microfiber leather industry co., LTD
Deqing yabang textile co., LTD

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