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China imported car trade co., LTD(Formerly known as China's imports of automobile trade center,Hereinafter referred to as"Tencent chess than niuniu")Is approved by the state council,In1993In the establishment of large state-owned enterprises,The registered capital10.53One hundred million yuan。

Tencent chess than niuniu originally belongs to the state economic and trade commission。State after the institutional reform,As a national large enterprise backbone enterprise successively by the central committee、Directly under the state-owned assets supervision and management of the state council。2004Years5Month,Approved by the state-owned assets supervision and administration,With China's machinery industry group co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as"The machine group")Restructuring,As a member of the state machine group units。2007Year by the China trade center imported cars to rename for China to import car trade co., LTD。

  • The board of directors

    The honorary chairman of the board of directors:Ding HongxiangMr

    Dong    Things   Long:Jia   UntilMr

    Dong           Things:Jia   UntilMrXu QuanyouMrTian YameiMs
                         Zhu   SoldiersMsXu   ArmyMr

  • The prison   Things

    The prison          Things :LuDeHengMr

  • Management

    The total    By the    Richard:Tian YameiMs

    Vice  The total By the Richard :Zhu   SoldiersMsXu   ArmyMrLee   RockMr

  • 2016Years
    Tencent chess than niuniu won“Tax creditAGrade enterprise”。
  • 2016Years
    Tencent chess than niuniu won the gac fick“2016The annual group contribution award”。
  • 2016Years
    Tencent chess than niuniu won“Saic gm vehicle libraries across the countrySUPThe first prize”。
  • 2016Years
    Tencent chess than niuniu won“Outstanding contribution enterprise of automobile logistics industry”。
  • 2016Years
    Tencent chess than niuniu youth corps committee awarded the national automobile industry“五四红旗团委”。

Tencent chess than niuniu with deep understanding of the industry,In view of the industry demand,Set the high-end resources,BBS including meticulously industry、The selection activities、A series of large brand activities such as information exchange,Not only provides a communication industry、Sharing platform,The show has become the enterprise's style,Effectively improve the company's industry status and influence。

In the field of industry research,Companies focus on market changes and development of imported cars,To develop industry authoritative market research。Including monthly、Quarter、Annual import car market analysis report,Policy research、Unique analysis and so on。

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