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    Texas send force co., LTD is a professional engaged in water tank design、Production、Installation in a body comprehensive enterprise,Is located in known as“Nine days qu,Beijing portal of god”Of dezhou city in shandong province,Located in enjoys a great river north and south“Glass fiber reinforced plastic central air conditioning of the township”Good name in wucheng county can dispose,Close to beijing-fuzhou expressway、DE high speed、104、105National highway,The transportation is convenient,The position is superior。
    My company's main products areSMCGlass fiber reinforced plastic water tank,Stainless steel water tank,BDFThe water tank,Hot dip galvanized water tank,Enamel water tank,Coating such as all kinds of water tank on a product,Can also according to customer request special customized,Widely used in the hotel、The hotel、Housing、Factory and so on all walks of life。Over the years we'd like to think of the client,Urgent urgent customers,Conscientiously、Dot the I's and cross the t's… 【More and more】

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      Texas remit force radiator co., LTD
      Contacts:In the manager
      The phone:0534-2180150
      A mobile phone:18505348303 (WeChat with number)
      Address:Shandong dezhou in wucheng county can dispose LuQuan town
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