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To improve the rubber roller surface roughness(Finish)Is to improve the quality of its plastic roller production、Improve the yarn quality and stable production、Reinforced rubber roller optimum spinning performance of the key。The specific requirements of fine grinding roller is as follows: (1...
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Tianchang jinpeng textile machinery co., LTD
Tianchang jinpeng textile machinery co., LTD,Located in the border Su Wan、The Yangtze river north shore adjacent to nanjing, jiangsu province、Yangzhou、Water and land transportation is very convenient。The development of the company is due to have a large number of experienced、Skilled、Well trained、Has the responsibility consciousness and the ability of independent product development engineering technical personnel team and staff team,Also due toISO9001The efficient operation of the international quality system,To make“Jinpeng”Brand series of textile machinery products from design to material、Processing、Manufacturing、The installation、Debugging and testing,And the after-sales service and so on many of important comprehensive management and quality assurance。 Advanced equipment、The consummate craft、Perfect detection means,All in accordance with the quality documents management,Everything...
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Tianchang jinpeng textile machinery co., LTD
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